Google Updates Page Creator

Google gave it's page creator program a much needed update recently. Page creator is a free service that Google offers to anyone with a gmail account. Users can create their own website using Page Creator with little or no knowledge of html. This was orginially one of my favorite programs, but I quickly saw it's limitations as the formatting and placement of pictures was very difficult to deal with. Google only gave you three sizes to choose from when placing a picture and this could lead to the sidebar not show up in the proper places when using Internet Explorer (not firefox for some reason.) Google has since updated the Page Creator program and now you can resize the picture to any size. You can also format the picture right on your screen including cropping, rotating, lighten and darken. Not only that, but they have given you the option to create up to 5 different urls. This means that you can register, and This is really amazing as each of these seperate domain come with a 100 megs of storage for your uploaded pictures. That means that Google is giving out a total of 500 megs for free to store your pictures... not to mention the 100 megs that they give you to use in web albums. Another upgrade is the ability to add "gadgets" to your site with just the click of a button. You can read more about Google Gadgets here. At long last Page Creator is ready to be easily used as a tool for any business to create a website. Google is pushing this very hard with it introduction of Google Apps for Your Domain, which is a service that allows companies to host their website and e-mail through Google for free. The web just got a little closer to meeting the needs of small business with this timely upgrade of Page Creator.

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