Google Launches Apps For Your Domain

Google today highlighted it's offering of a suite of personal productivity applications just for business called "Google Apps For Your Domain". Basically, what Google is doing is integrating it's e-mail, calendar, instant messages, web site creation (pagecreator) and Internet phone (google talk) into a bundle designed for specifically for small businesses. This will be a free service that Google offers to small businesses that sign up for the program. Each individual in the company will be able to have their own seperate account. Google is also expected to release a premium fee based service later on in the year for larger organizations. They had released a similar service just for it's e-mail service called "Gmail For Your Domain" back in February of this year. While Apps for your domain is impressive, the real story here will be when Google implements their Writely program and spreadsheet application in this "Google Apps".


Gattina said...

Isn't it nice to be retired ? Finally I have the time to do what I want, or ever wanted and now I discovered the computer. I read about Google news and am glad to know that they have created a free web site creation. My to be daughter in law is Website designer and this is surely of interest to her. Don't be surprised that you have no comments that doesn't mean that people are not looking at your blog ! I had exactly the same impression that I just wrote for nothing until I put a counter on my blogs and now I see there IS traffic and as I put in "contact me" my email address a lot of people prefer to write me instead of making a comment. That is really very nice and interesting. Look at my blogs and you will see what i added to my sidebar. And I am proud of me, because until beginning May I didn't even know what a Blog was !

1Green Thumb said...

Congradulations on your blogging accomplishments! It looks like you have really put a lot of time and effort into your blogs. The google web site creator you are referring to is Google Page Creator. This is available now, you just need to have a google account. You should sign up for it. I bet you would love it, it is a lot like blogging with a few more options. Let your daughter-in-law to be know. It is amazing what you can do and learn through blogging and page creation. Good luck to you and thanks for leaving me a comment.

PS I am not yet retired, but I am sure working on it!