Google Gadgets (All 1,220 Of Them)

Google has released the perfect storm of miniature programs for your website or blog. These Google Gadgets, as they are know can be easily add to your site through a simple cut and paste. As with Google Adsense they have written all the html code for you! Google Gadgets include 1,220 different programs that you can run on your site. This list is really amazing! It includes Wikipedia, Pacman, Netflix Quick Access, AOL Video, NASA Image of the Day, Magic 8 Ball, Stock Charts, Daily Trivia, Crosswords, Tetris, Moviefone, Local Radar, Daily Show Videos, Horoscopes, Jokes, The Periodic Table, Daily Nature Photos and even 100's of Bushisms. I found all of these in just the first few pages. Once you have found the right one for your site click the add to your webpage button and Google generates the HTML code for you. Most of these Google Gadgets can be customized for your site as well. They allow you to resize the gadget and add the border of your choice among other things. So go out and customize your website or blog with Google Gadgets. As with most other things Google it's all free!


Robert Irizarry said...

Very cool! I'll have to look into these Gadgets further.

Jeremy said...

I have a website for people to create gadgets. People love them.

Neil said...

If you're looking for the most popular Google Gadgets already set up for you on a really funky site? Then check out Funky Homepage ( It's comprised mainly of the most popular Google gadgets (as well as some great Gadgets from other sources), live news feeds (with your choice of news provider), daily Bushisms, daily jokes, horoscopes, videos, weather (up to 5 locations), interactive calendar, Google calendar viewer (for up to 5 Google calendars), comic strips and lots more besides. It also lets you choose your own search engine, colour scheme, etc.

The whole website is subdivided into tabs and sub-categories, like "News", "Tools" and "Fun Stuff". So you'll find some really useful Google gadgets like currency converters, unit converters, messengers, email tools, maps, etc. already set up for you under "Tools"; and fun stuff like games, videos, jokes, etc, already set up for you under "Fun Stuff". The "Start" tab is fully customisable and lets you choose your own news providers and gadgets from a drop down list of the most popular gadgets available. No more wading through millions of gadgets just to find the ones that work and that are of any use! No more having to create an account and sign in! Start using Funky Homepage and get started using the most popular feeds and gadgets right away. All your settings are remembered with no need to create an account.

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