Use Google Co-Op To Create A Custom Search Engine

Co-Op is yet another platform that has been released to the public by Google. You may ask yourself "why in the world would I want to create a search engine?" Well, if you have more than one website or have an adsense account, the answer is quite simple. You see when you design the search engine, Google allows you to include any sites you would like in your custom search. For instance, if you have a blog all about global warming, you could have your custom search engine index websites like Greenpeace, The World Wildlife Federation, and The United States Environmental Protection Agency. If you have a site all about sports you could customize your search engine to search, ESPN, Sports Illustrated, NBA, NHL, and NFL sites. Now where the story really gets juicy is when you use Google Co-Op to help improve your adsense results. This can be accomplished by creating search engines that include all of your websites or blogs. Google gives you the option to search only the websites or blogs that you choose, or to set a priority on results from certain sites. This way when you someone types a search term into your Google search box, your website will be listed first in your custom search results. This allows you to keep users on your sites as long as possible, by sending them to other parts of your "network". You can also have other users on the web edit you custom search engine if you so choose. Google allows you to let anyone edit your search engine or you can invite people you trust to edit it. Google Co-op also allows the search to work on your myspace page as well, so you can finally start making money from your myspace page. So what are you waiting for get your customized search engine today, all you need is a Google account and you can start generating even more cash flow from the big Goog!

You can check out my Google Co-op search here. Feel free to sign up as a contributor and add your sites today!


viti-vino said...

Google CSE is a great tool, and FREE !!

The concepor of the product, is
Shashi Seth :

As an example of cse he make a wine search engine. (this guy love wine). I also have one here

Anonymous said...


you are welcome to submit you cse at

Its a free niche directory only for custom search engines created by google coop.