Using Google Base For Just About Anything

Google Base was released over a year ago now, but it just now beginning to gain traction. It was designed as a place were Google users can post anything including images, products, services, real estate, recipes, vehicles and pretty much anything else you can think of. Google Base gives you the option to upload one item at a time or you can even do a bulk upload if you have your information in the right format. The beauty of Google Base is that it is free to list your items unlike other places including the mighty Ebay.

Google has recently updated Base to include the ability to upload pictures of your item as well which are displayed in a slideshow format when a user clicks on your item. Google has also integrated Google Checkout and Froogle into Base so a buyer can purchase an item directly from Google Base simply by clicking the Buy button. As a merchant you can check your orders and view all of your items without having to go to the Google Checkout site. They also track how many impressions, clicks and page views your items receive. You can check out an example of an item
here or you can go directly to the home page here and start posting your items.

Just imagine the possibilities....


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