Don't Forget About Google Groups

Google Groups can also be a promotional tool of sorts for your website/blog. You can either create your own individual Google group about the topic of your website, or you can search for existing groups with similar subjects. It can be a great way to "network" your website. Inside these groups you can post messages about whatever you like. Once these messages are up anyone in the world can comment on them. Most of these groups below are there for people to ask technical questions or get feedback on their site. Just make sure when you do post a message to include your url so people can easily click on your link. These are a couple groups I have found that you might find useful. The first is Blogger Review, this is a google group that is specifically design for getting feedback on your blog. For all of you Google Pagecreator fans, you can try Google Page Creator Discussion Group, this group is in place to help you with errors and get input on your creation. The final group I will give to you is Promoting Your Site, this is a group that was created by "Google-Power" very recently, and is designed to find the numerous ways to get your website or blog in front of people. If you have a tracking program like Google Analytics, you can see the traffic from Google Groups for yourself. Good luck building your "web" of contacts! Let me know if you found any other Google Groups that were useful to you, I know there are quite a few groups out there, it's just hard to find the great ones.


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i love all the info on google functions. keep up the good work!

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Lastly.. I signed up with that Technorati place today too. I got my site pinged & pasted the code. Was something supposed to show up after I pasted the code? LOL. I'm such a newbie sometimes!

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