Advertise On Television With Google Adwords

Google yesterday unveiled that they would be opening up Google TV Ads to most Adwords customers. This potential breakthrough in advertising should level the playing field against some of the more entrenched advertising players. In the end though, it will only benefit the consumer. More competition = lower prices for the purchaser, and isn't that what everyone wants?

I can only imagine we are just a step away from more real local ads on cable and satellite, instead of the barrage of car and drug company commercials that really don't do much good. After all, I already have a car and feel in tip top shape. Google has created the ability to target ads locally so well, that any small business should be able to advertise only in a small target location, therefore costing less, and not waisting ad dollars.

Google has already given their Adwords users the ability to advertise on the radio, but television is a giant leap. Plus, we are now more than every seeing the transition to computers and television working together for example TIVO and Youtube new partnership. The convergence is well overdue...

Check out this video that shows you how to setup your account and let us know what you think about Google's new push into advertising on television?

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